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Terms and Conditions

Prior to placing the order, review the quantities and pricing for the items with the customer. Provide them with the subtotal, the shipping and handling cost and the total order cost. (get verbal confirmation the order is correct)

Confirm with them that they are familiar with and agree to the reselling Terms and Conditions when they registered as a Barre Sox reseller, and that they may return new unused fitness socks at any time for a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping and handling. They may set the price for selling the socks at their Facility, however they need to follow the Manufacturer Advertised Pricing Policy which includes not reselling on the internet. (get verbal confirmation of their understanding) Let them know the Terms and Conditions are posted on the Barre Sox wholesale website for their reference at anytime.

Confirm that the customer is in agreement with processing the order and charging their credit or debit card, (get verbal confirmation) and then place the order.